2014, Volume 5, Issue 1

Letter to the editor

  • Evidence on the role of prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics in gut health and disease prevention in the elderly

    Patrick Alexander Wachholz, Paulo José Fortes Villas Boas, Vânia dos Santos Nunes, Edison Iglesias de Oliveira Vidal
    Published online: February 26, 2014


  • The aging gut and the role of prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics: A review

    Pragnesh J. Patel, Shailesh K. Singh, Siddak Panaich, Lavoisier Cardozo
    Published online: October 21, 2013

    Acute kidney injury in the elderly: Only the tip of the iceberg

    Chia-Ter Chao, Hung-Bin Tsai, Yu-Feng Lin, Wen-Je Ko
    Published online: June 13, 2013



  • Functional decline and mortality in long-term care settings: Static and dynamic approach

    Kuo-Ping Yeh, Ming-Hsien Lin, Li-Kuo Liu, Liang-Yu Chen, Li-Ning Peng, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: September 30, 2013
  • Effect of physical activity at midlife on skeletal muscle mass in old age in community-dwelling older women: A cross-sectional study

    Shu Nishiguchi, Minoru Yamada, Yuu Kajiwara, Takuya Sonoda, Kazuya Yoshimura, Hiroki Kayama, Takanori Tanigawa, Taiki Yukutake, Tomoki Aoyama
    Published online: December 13, 2013
  • Under-detection of pain in elderly nursing home residents with moderate to severe dementia

    D.K.Y. Miu, K.C. Chan
    Published online: December 16, 2013

Case Report

  • Management of severe musculoskeletal trauma following a dog mauling attack in a nonagenarian

    Davida A. Robinson, Melissa L. Whitmill
    Published online: October 4, 2013