2011, Volume 2, Issue 3

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    Published in issue: September 2011,
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    Published in issue: September 2011,
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    Published in issue: September 2011,
  • Which calcium channel blockers achieve better renoprotection for aged hypertensive population?

    Jer-Chia Tsai
    Published online: July 11, 2011
Review Articles
  • Orthogeriatrics in Taiwan: Overview and experiences

    Yi-Tsun Chen, Li-Ning Peng, Chien-Liang Liu, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: September 2011
  • The role of microRNAs in modulating sirtuin 1 expression

    Kun-Ling Tsai, Li-Hsin Chen, Yu-Chih Chen, Chung-Lan Kao, Liang-Kung Chen, Shih-Hwa Chiou
    Published online: August 2,2011
Original Articles
  • Living alone as a red flag sign of falls among older people in rural Taiwan

    Wei-Ju Lee, Yuan-Yang Cheng, Jin-Yi Liu, Kai-Chun Yang, Shaw-Yeu Jeng
    Published online: September 15
  • Repeating endoscopy or persisting proton pump inhibitor treatment for older patients with mild reflux esophagitis: A hospital-based study

    Szu-Chia Liao, Ming-Chih Hou, Li-Ning Peng, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: September 19
  • A brief questionnaire is able to measure population physical activity levels accurately: A comparative validation study

    Stephanie Webster, Asad Khan, Jennifer Catherine Nitz
    Published online: July 20
  • The design of a prospective, randomized, open-labeled study to compare the efficacy of lercanidipine with amlodipine on renal function in hypertensive patients aged at least 55 years (LEADER study)

    Chih-Kuang Liang, Ming-Yueh Chou, Li-Ning Peng, Yi-Ming Chen, Chu-Sheng Lin, Wei-Ju Lee, Yung-Yu Chang, Li-Kuo Liu, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: May 2