2012, Volume 3, Issue 1


  • Strategies for solving the shortage of geriatricians in Taiwan

    Ching-Yu Chen
    Published online: March 14, 2012
  • Planning for frailty

    Liang-Kung Chen, Kenneth Rockwood
    Published online: February 15, 2012
Review Articles
  • Principles of rehabilitation for common chronic neurologic diseases in the elderly

    Yuan-Yang Cheng, Wan-Ling Hsieh, Chung-Lan Kao, Rai-Chi Chan
    Published online: December 23, 2011
  • Overview of studies related to geriatric syndrome in Taiwan

    Chih-Hsun Wu, Ching-I. Chang, Ching-Yu Chen
    Published online: July 4, 2011
Original Articles
  • Identifying cognitive dysfunction using the nurses’ rapidly clinical judgment in elderly inpatients

    Mihoko Ogita, Hajime Takechi, Atsuko Kokuryu, Hiroshi Kondoh, Yoshiyuki Hamakawa, Hidenori Arai
    Published online: December 21, 2011
  • Predictive factors for patients discharged after participating in a post-acute care program

    Yu-Shan Lee, Chu-Sheng Lin, Yao-Hsien Jseng, Ta-Wei Luo, Pei-Ju Hung, Meng-Chen Wu, Yih-Jing Tang
    Published online: January 20, 2012
  • Validity and internal consistency of mobility scales for healthy older people in Germany

    Albert Brühl, Kirsten Avlund
    Published online: February 17, 2012
  • Impact of cutoff age in predicting clinical outcomes of elderly diffuse large B cell lymphoma receiving rituximab or not: A hospital-based study

    Ling-Ping Chen, Shyh-Jer Lin, Ming-Sun Yu
    Published online: December 19, 2011
Case Report
  • Congenital aural stenosis with first branchial cleft fistula, presenting with recurrent facial nerve palsy, in an elderly patient

    Shraddha Jain, Sunil Kumar, P.T. Deshmukh, Dennis Yohannan, Kavita Sudarshan
    Published online: December 21, 2011
Letter to the Editor
  • Letter to the Editor

    Hidenori Arai
    Published online: January 11, 2012
  • “The locked-in syndrome”: Can it be unlocked? [J Clin Gerontol Geriatr 2 (2011) 96-99]

    Kunal Khanna, Ajit Verma, Bella Richard
    Published in issue: March 2012