2012, Volume 3, Issue 3


  • Principles of patient-centered care in control of terminal symptoms

    Ching-Yu Chen
    Published online: August 9, 2012
Original Articles
  • Effects of individual dietary counseling as part of a comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) on frailty status: A population-based intervention study

    Irma Nykänen, Tiina H. Rissanen, Raimo Sulkava, Sirpa Hartikainen
    Published online: July 12, 2012
  • Associative factors of existing fragility fractures among elderly medical inpatients: A hospital-based study

    Liang-Yu Chen, Chien-Liang Liu, Li-Ning Peng, Ming-Hsien Lin, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: August 13, 2012
    Published online: February 3, 2011
  • Remote monitoring and assessment of daily activities in the home environment

    Che-Chang Yang, Yeh-Liang Hsu
    Published online: August 24, 2012
  • Sleep disturbances among a group of dementia participants

    Doris Ka Ying Miu, Samuel S.L. Szeto
    Published online: August 27, 2012
Case Report
  • Delirium due to herbal tea contaminated with tropane alkaloid

    Yat-Fung Shea, Tin-Yat Anthony Chow, Patrick Ka-Chun Chiu, Chi-Keung Chan, Tony W.L. Mak, Leung-Wing Chu
    Published online: August 8, 2012