2014, Volume 5, Issue 2


  • Relevance of balance measurement tools and balance training for fall prevention in older adults

    Majumi M. Noohu, Aparajit B. Dey, Mohammed E. Hussain
    Published online: August 1, 2013


  • Differential development strategies of aged care support and continuity services in China, Japan, and Australia

    Zheng Chen, Yuetao Song, Jia Yu, Jintang Wang
    Published online: April 21, 2014

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  • Sarcopenia, but not sarcopenic obesity, predicts mortality for older old men: A 3-year prospective cohort study

    Li-Kuo Liu, Liang-Yu Chen, Kuo-Ping Yeh, Ming-Hsien Lin, An-Chun Hwang, Li-Ning Peng, Liang-Kung Chen
    Published online: March 14, 2014
  • Intersecting pentagon copying and clock drawing test in mild and moderate Alzheimer’s disease

    Nages Nagaratnam, Kujan Nagaratnam, Deborah O’Mara
    Published online: March 31, 2014
  • Happy pills in nursing homes in Belgium: A cohort study to determine prescribing patterns and relation to fall risk

    Veronique Verhoeven, Maja Lopez Hartmann, Johan Wens, Bernard Sabbe, Peter Dieleman, Giannoula Tsakitzidis, Paul Van Royen, Roy Remmen
    Published online: April 3, 2014
  • Interrelationships between body mass to waist circumference ratio, body mass index, and total body muscularity in older women

    Takashi Abe, Jeremy P. Loenneke, Tetsuo Fukunaga
    Published online: April 16, 2014
Case Report
  • Management of geriatric mania complicated by hyponatremia and psychogenic adipsic hypernatremia

    Rashmin Achalia, Yogesh Lakkas, Om Prakash
    Published online: January 31, 2014